Drifting apart…

Drifting apart…


You think you were wrong
for stretching it all along

But it’s not a one-way bridge
both sides got to have that itch

Why do only you care?
it’s supposed to be a fair share.

If you did all you could
and yet there’s no likelihood

It’s time you move on
and let it be bygone.

Doesn’t mean you have to ignore
but they shouldn’t be someone you look for

Now its time that new people you explore…

Yours, Kindness.

Yours, Kindness.


Oh! look at the pitiful fate
I’ve become a rare trait

If everyone gives me a little space
I can make this world a better place

They mistake your kindness
as your weakness

You think everybody has a heart
Perhaps, that is your fault!

I know, you could mistreat them as well
but your upbringing does impel

Do not change, even if they distaste
I’m sure, a few will really appreciate!






Love means nothing by itself
It’s also genuine care and respect 🤗

It means setting free 🦋
knowing that they won’t flee 🏃

It’s their happiness even in your absence ❤️
and not some ingrained competitiveness 💪

It’s not just sharing a Kit-kat 🍫
and having those late night chats 💬

If based on something superficial 😍
soon it is going to fizzle 🛑

Over-used and under-valued 🙄
more often just lust confused! 💋

It’s not what you see on the TV screen 📺
So, next time use it when you actually mean… 😇


#2 The Girl on the Train…

#2 The Girl on the Train…


A month passed, no glimpse of her! 😕
But he knew, she was traveling for sure 🚂

The routine commute was about to end 🚏🛑
To go abroad, he had decided ✈️

He wanted to see her one last time
before moving to the city of skylines 🏢

Months later, she crossed his mind 😊
and old times began to unwind

He found out she got married 👰
so all the feelings, he buried 🥀

He didn’t worry himself much
as it was just a passing crush 💞

At times, he’s lost in the memory lane
“Does she still take the same train?” 🤔


PS: … in continuation to The Girl on the train

It’s a veiled world out there…

It’s a veiled world out there…


2nd January 2016

After a lot of procrastination, I, Veer and Jitu decided to go on a short trip. It was New year’s day. We went to Mahabaleshwar, a small hill station. On our way back, was the Table Land, in Panchgani. It’s the second-longest mountain plateau in Asia.

The plateau has a cave. We climbed down the rocky steps to reach the cave. As we walked into the cave, we felt a sudden drop in the temperature, it was much colder as if its walls were fitted with Air-conditioners.

At the entrance, was a tiny cafe. A board there, read “₹ 10 for using Camera”

The cave was a very pleasant place, with wooden tables and chairs to eat and rest. We felt very much at peace. There was one more cave beneath, to visit there one has to pay a small fee.

As we were talking about how peaceful life is away from the routine 9-6 job, we saw an old lady approaching. She must be in her 70s and was bent at her waist. I think she was the owner of the cafe.

“Hello, friends… have you read the board regarding photography?” She announced seeking the attention of the visitors.

“Please read it carefully, you can take as many snaps you want, but pay ₹10”. She added further.

I was stunned at the strong tone of voice and her fluency in English. It’s not that I underestimated her, but it was definitely an unusual view.

“…and look at our English, guys!” I said, turning to Jitu and Veer.

The lady was watching a woman take pictures; who was accompanied by her husband and a kid. They decided to visit the cave beneath, As her husband went to the ticket counter to buy tickets, the old lady asked the gentleman to also pay the fee for using a camera.

“I haven’t taken any pictures here, what should I pay for?” argued the gentleman.

“Your wife has taken a few snaps, I have seen it!”  She exclaimed to the gentleman.

The gentleman refused again. Realising that he isn’t ready to pay, she turned to the person at the counter and said – “IF HE GIVES, TAKE. ELSE LEAVE”

Owing to the fact that Panchgani was used by the British during the British Raj as a summer resort, “She must have worked for a British officer during the pre-independence period” I concluded.

It was funny to see how their external appearances contrasted their actual personalities.

One may be earning more than enough, but still, takes pride in bargaining with that vegetable-seller over 10 bucks. But those 10 bucks mean so much to them. Because they don’t earn to become rich, they earn to live!

So, the next time you are buying something from the roadside sellers, avoid bargaining (of course unless they are charging you exorbitantly!) and drop in a few extra coins if you can. The people around may think you are a fool for paying extra, but that should be fine, no?

The Girl on the Train…

The Girl on the Train…


It was his once a fortnight commute
for someone, his eyes were looking out 👀

This journey was his favorite pastime
since they ended up in the same coach almost every time 🚃

Although it was a mere coincidence
“is she following me?” Shh! that’s over confidence 😎

He found her simple and elegant
But to talk to her, he was kinda hesitant 😥

He just wanted to know her name
a good conversation, he was trying to frame 🙄

A station before she got off
“Maybe next time” he shrugged off 😏

A bit shy he was, but also super smart
“Why not check the Reservation chart?” 😄

His hometown came, and everything he forgot
Once he saw his Dad on the platform! 😜






When we first crashed a party…

When we first crashed a party…


It was one of our weekend routines to visit the nearby Jain temple, mostly on Sundays. Following the prayers, we ate at the community kitchen in the temple and walked back home. There was a big banquet hall adjoining it. The ceremonies that happened there were always very grand.

“The food here must be really good, we should pay a visit some day” We usually talked among us.

For long, we had this mischievous thought of attending one of the ceremonies and relish some food. This was just to make us feel good about ourselves and moreover, we’d have a great story to impress someone by our very act of valor.

So one fine Sunday afternoon, after finishing our prayers, we decided to go for it! We were not sure what was the event. At the entrance was a table with a variety of mouth-fresheners on it, It looked so colorful. I think there were over 300 guests so nobody would know if we weren’t invited.

“No, It’s not the right thing to do, I won’t join you,” Jitu said.

“Great! here hold my bag until we are back” I didn’t waste time convincing him.

“Look at your dresses guys! you look too casual for this event”

I and Veer went in. Though we were overwhelmed by the variety of food there, we decided to go for something that we could finish quickly. We saw laid out on the table were a variety of desserts – ice-creams, smoothies, and mousse.

We decided to go for the mousse. Strawberry flavored! We stood there in a corner, appearing relaxed. We had also decided what we’d say if we get caught.

“Being in seclusion is not a good idea, we should blend in” Veer suggested

The mousse tasted amazing! though we could not relish it at our own pace. We finished it in few minutes and began to return. I gestured Veer that I’d like to try a mouth-freshener.

“Don’t be too greedy, save it for next time!” Veer exclaimed.

We came out trying to control our laughter.

Till date we don’t know what event it was, I think it was someone’s birthday. But for us, it was a small adventure! and we still tease Jitu for what he missed that day! We regret not eating the main course though, maybe next time, next Sunday 😉