The Girl on the Train…

The Girl on the Train…


It was his once a fortnight commute
for someone, his eyes were looking out 👀

This journey was his favorite pastime
since they ended up in the same coach almost every time 🚃

Although it was a mere coincidence
“is she following me?” Shh! that’s over confidence 😎

He found her simple and elegant
But to talk to her, he was kinda hesitant 😥

He just wanted to know her name
a good conversation, he was trying to frame 🙄

A station before she got off
“Maybe next time” he shrugged off 😏

A bit shy he was, but also super smart
“Why not check the Reservation chart?” 😄

His hometown came, and everything he forgot
Once he saw his Dad on the platform! 😜






When we first crashed a party…

When we first crashed a party…


It was one of our weekend routines to visit the nearby Jain temple, mostly on Sundays. Following the prayers, we ate at the community kitchen in the temple and walked back home. There was a big banquet hall adjoining it. The ceremonies that happened there were always very grand.

“The food here must be really good, we should pay a visit some day” We usually talked among us.

For long, we had this mischievous thought of attending one of the ceremonies and relish some food. This was just to make us feel good about ourselves and moreover, we’d have a great story to impress someone by our very act of valor.

So one fine Sunday afternoon, after finishing our prayers, we decided to go for it! We were not sure what was the event. At the entrance was a table with a variety of mouth-fresheners on it, It looked so colorful. I think there were over 300 guests so nobody would know if we weren’t invited.

“No, It’s not the right thing to do, I won’t join you,” Jitu said.

“Great! here hold my bag until we are back” I didn’t waste time convincing him.

“Look at your dresses guys! you look too casual for this event”

I and Veer went in. Though we were overwhelmed by the variety of food there, we decided to go for something that we could finish quickly. We saw laid out on the table were a variety of desserts – ice-creams, smoothies, and mousse.

We decided to go for the mousse. Strawberry flavored! We stood there in a corner, appearing relaxed. We had also decided what we’d say if we get caught.

“Being in seclusion is not a good idea, we should blend in” Veer suggested

The mousse tasted amazing! though we could not relish it at our own pace. We finished it in few minutes and began to return. I gestured Veer that I’d like to try a mouth-freshener.

“Don’t be too greedy, save it for next time!” Veer exclaimed.

We came out trying to control our laughter.

Till date we don’t know what event it was, I think it was someone’s birthday. But for us, it was a small adventure! and we still tease Jitu for what he missed that day! We regret not eating the main course though, maybe next time, next Sunday 😉

My kind of Life…

My kind of Life…


Away from all the consuming frenzy 💫
This is how I want my life to be… 🌠

The shelves filled with books I love 📚
and the walls, with pictures of beloved 🖼️ 😍

I’d leave my home for a job that I adore 👨‍💻
when I return, my lovely people would open the door 🏠

Then sitting together we’d have our dinner 🍽️
Sharing our day, as the evening gets dimmer 🌆

I’d be in touch with all my friends ✌️
for they are my favorite gems! 💎

Oh! and I also want to travel ⛺
away from my routine, my mind could unfurl 😌

With a clear conscience, I’d fall asleep 💤
something that everyone wishes to reap 🙏

All I need is my people and simple pleasures 😊
to create moments of infinite treasures 🌺

Not sure if it’s possible in this world so complex 🌎
This is just the view from my specs 👓

I know, all of this is very quixotic 🙄
But, notice there’s nothing fancy about it 🤷🏻‍♂️


Oh Boy!…

Oh Boy!…


Oh boy! look what you’ve done to yourself
Perished dreams on your heart’s shelves 🥀

Parents’ expectations and society’s interference 🏛️
are the reasons for your dream’s disappearance 💫

I know, a lot did they annoy 😣
but why did you let them snatch your joy?!

Why do you always play so safe? 🤷‍♂️
what happened to the calculated risks you used to take

You settled for a well-paying job 💼
So you could impress your heart-throb

Why your solo trip hasn’t happened yet? 🏔️
when you had all things in your mind, set

Why don’t you confess your feelings? ❤️
Cuz you think you are unappealing?! 🤦‍♂️

You say you love to read
yet there are books, you don’t pay heed 📚

You wanted to play a guitar’s chord 🎸
now all you do is tap a computer keyboard 👨‍💻

So boy, what’s stopping you? 🤔
Make a bucket list of things that are due!

Go…pursue your passions & dreams 🌠
let your face with joy beam 😊

Else, one day, you’ll wake up to be forty-five! 👨‍👦
and would have crushed the dreams of a young boy! 👦💔

Kindness cost an Oreo…

Kindness cost an Oreo…



May 21, 2016

The other day, me and my friend, Veeral were returning from our usual, weekend shopping spree at Big Bazaar. We stopped at the red light signal, right near a road divider.

A little girl approached us, asking for money. I began to look for coins in my pocket.

Veeral suggested, “No, Don’t give money, give one of the biscuit packets we just bought”

I searched for it in the shopping bags and found a packet of my favorite Oreo biscuit.

I handed it to her. She seemed a bit surprised, took it and turned to cross the road divider.

After she walked a little, She turned back and smiled at us. It was a mix of shyness and happiness. The sweetest smile I had ever seen!

The signal turned green and we began to move. I turned back to see, she was sharing the biscuits with a little boy, perhaps her brother.

Smile, Be Kind 🙂

My Little SweetHeart <3 …

My Little SweetHeart <3 …


I wish this was a bad dream or a joke
Only if your death I could revoke 😤

So many things between us that were due
My life would never be the same without you 😩

You said I was your fav bro!
On seeing me, your face would glow 😊😘

Just a call from me, and you’d go crazy
in responding to my messages, you were never lazy ☺️

Who’d reply to my messages now?
But, I’ll wait anyhow! 🙄

You had a golden heart, that forgave everything
such a kind soul, from where will I bring? 🤔

You never understood my way of caring
Cuz, I was not as good as you were at expressing 😕

I called you all the sweet names in the world
listening to which, your heart whirled 💞

I won’t be able to fill in your place
but I promise to take care of your parents 🤝

You left me with anger in your heart
before you could forgive, death made us apart 😢

I can never love anyone more than you
I so want to become a person like you 😇

A part of me has died
so much I have never cried 😭

I stare at your Facebook & WhatsApp
and all the things that bridged our gap 🤗

You taught me not to take anything for granted
In my heart, a seed of kindness you had planted 😇

You will always live in my actions, my thoughts & my deeds
I wish you were there to see me succeed! 🎓

You were too kind for this world so cruel
but was there a need for God to snatch my Jewel? 😬

In God, I’ve lost faith, I’d never pray
For he took you from me forever away 😡

I wish I didn’t exist to hear the news
No one in this world should experience such blues 😰

I wanted you to stay forever young
had never thought you’d leave me at twenty-one! 😯

If there’s one thing I’d ever wish
I want you back in my life, Nish! ❤️


PS: Dedicated to my Little sister, who taught me one of the best lessons of life – “Love and treat your people as if it was the last day of your life!”

An illusion of innocence…

An illusion of innocence…


To me, you were an ideal person
But the illusion was soon broken

I admired your elegance and simplicity
which are your biggest felicity

I still remember all our conversations
To have one I used to be so impatient

To be yourself, you didn’t have the courage
Coz, you were too busy maintaining an innocent image

Patiently, I listened to your all your lies
the only thing about you that I despise

You can go to any extent
At times, can even lie to your best friend

You are making a fool out of yourself
instead why didn’t you just express your true self?

I was in such a haste
Couldn’t notice you were so double-faced

Knowing your reality I was devastated
Of my choice, I was embarrassed!

I don’t think I miss you
but the person I thought was you

A new job, new people and a new city were the remedies
that helped fade your memories
but they couldn’t erase you from my reveries

Years later, you realized my worth
To a dead hope, you gave birth

You came to me with a broken heart
and you wanted to make us a fresh start

You think you can occupy the place you once did
Sorry, but wasn’t it you who wanted to get rid?!

You were late, not that I liked someone else
but I learned to respect myself

I cared for you with utmost diligence
but you were just an illusion of innocence…

You think my heart has accepted this conclusion?
Well, that’s still a question…