My kind of Life…

My kind of Life…


Away from all the consuming frenzy 💫
This is how I want my life to be… 🌠

The shelves filled with books I love 📚
and the walls, with pictures of beloved 🖼️ 😍

I’d leave my home for a job that I adore 👨‍💻
when I return, my lovely people would open the door 🏠

Then sitting together we’d have our dinner 🍽️
Sharing our day, as the evening gets dimmer 🌆

I’d be in touch with all my friends ✌️
for they are my favorite gems! 💎

Oh! and I also want to travel ⛺
away from my routine, my mind could unfurl 😌

With a clear conscience, I’d fall asleep 💤
something that everyone wishes to reap 🙏

All I need is my people and simple pleasures 😊
to create moments of infinite treasures 🌺

Not sure if it’s possible in this world so complex 🌎
This is just the view from my specs 👓

I know, all of this is very quixotic 🙄
But, notice there’s nothing fancy about it 🤷🏻‍♂️



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